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Product Strategy

How do we use insights from behavioral sciences, corporate strategy and cognitive psychology to understand strategic and risky product maneuvers at the firm level? For example, do you need to focus on your product portfolio? If yes, then where? Category expansion or industry expansion? What will be the possible impact, and are you at the right stage to do that? What would be the dynamics with your firm performance for such choices? And more...


How do you optimize the platform that connects your business and customers? Are all the platforms same? If not, then does the variation impacts your customer choices? How should you react? Can you strategically use consumer feedback through online reviews and ratings? Do you have a framework? Why do your consumer write about you? In that case, how should your competitors behave? Most importantly, how should you strategize ? And more...


What is it? Do you diversify and innovate, or extend your line and innovate? How do you strategize innovation? What about frugal or radical innovation? How do you choose from a pipeline of innovative ideas? How do you get those at the first place? Can you relate their influence on your firm performance? And more..

Consumer Behavior

Do you follow environment conscious and sustainable business practices in your organizations? How your consumers perceive such actions and decisions? Does it impact your financials? Can you strategize such actions for competitive advantages? Is that even, possible? How do you reach your audience and how do they react? How do you listen to your consumers and how do you decode their percept? And more...

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